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Since 1988, I have been creating millinery and other wearable art from unusual materials including recycled wire reclaimed from old television sets. My training in Jewellery at Edinburgh College of Art, Scotland (1985-90) gave me the freedom to make jewellery in the widest context.

My hats, crowns and tiaras do not provide warmth, shade or protection from rain. In fact, they could attract lightning strikes! Rubber boots would protect the outdoor wearer – but may not complete the look. Despite these disadvantages, they are made to be worn and are lined for comfort. I also make wearable corsets, waistcoats and shoes as well as jewellery. These pieces are not intended solely for display in a gallery, they interact with the body and some works having moving parts to emphasise movement.

The whole process begins with scavenging old television sets and electric motors. Each piece takes many hours to complete from gutting the television to lining the piece. The structures are made from random knots of copper wire loops. The wire is obtained pre-lacquered in a wide range of colours from gold to purple to green, this was to provide electrical insulation in its former life. The wire can dictate an element of the design; there are many variations in gauge, flexibility and quanitiy. The effect, I produce is reminiscent of brocade or filigree work. Despite the hours of work, I hope the spontaneity of each is apparent.

The fact that I use recycled materials (paper, fabric, wire, sweetie wrappers etc) which are commonly seen as worthless, is not immediately recognisable. It is important for me to start from unwanted raw materials to create objects of value, beauty, function and humour. By emphasising the value of design, my hope is to offer an alternative to the conventional role of jewellery, which often encourages the wearer seek out precious materials as status symbols.

Click here to see a description of how I dismantle a television