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How I Dismantle a Television

(For information only - not recommended - no responsibility taken for any injuries caused!!)

The television should be older than 20 years. Modern TVs don't have the same quantity of wire as older models. I make sure the television has been off and un-plugged for a few days (some can store energy). I take off the back and there should be a flat piece of circuitboard on the back of the TV tube. I remove the board and underneath is the "nipple", a glass bead at the end of the tube. Taking engineer's plier to gently break the nipple off, will release the vaccum in the tube. At this point, air rushes into the glass. Only when it has stopped is it safe. The coil of the neck of the tube is exposed. The wire is laquered copper and can be any colour though it is generally golden or coppery. I have found over a hundred different colours. The coil can be eased off the neck of the tube and can then be removed from the plastic casing. There are also small coils on the circuit boards and the degouzing cable around the internal edge of the TV screen. This is a long circle of wire wrapped in electrical tape. I have a rule that I don't break into anything that looks sealed. I remove all the screws but if it encased in plastic or rubber, I just leave it. All the wire has to be cleaned with soapy water.

I take about an hour to dismantle a television. It generally takes about a week to make a hat.

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