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In 1989, I completed a 4 year B.A. Hons. degree at Edinburgh College of Art which encompassed artistic and technical aspects of jewellery production, enabling me to conceive and construct jewellery using a variety of materials.

Since 1988, I have been creating jewellery and other wearable art from recycled materials including wire from old televisions. My training gave me the freedom to make jewellery and objects in the widest context. The effect of the technique I have created is reminiscent of brocade and filigree work, but the fact these are recycled materials is not immediately apparent. By emphasizing the value of design, my hope has been to offer an alternative to the conservative convention of only viewing jewellery as an investment commodity.

After completing post-graduate studies in 1990, I established myself as a practicing jeweler/artist by exhibiting and selling work throughout the U.K. In 1991, I became Scottish Fashion Designer of the Year followed by Recycling Fashion Designer of the Year (U.K.) in 1992.

Following my marriage in 1993, I lived in Australia, Canada and America. In Sydney, my work developed and I began to export to markets in Asia and the U.S., during this time I was also exhibiting nationally and undertaking commissions. I developed ranges for gallery/stores in Australia and Japan. In 1997, moving to Canada led to new challenges in establishing a new network of outlets, suppliers and clients. This move also influenced my work in new directions (ie: embroidery). It encouraged me to grow as an international artist and allowed my work to evolve. My work was selected by two galleries to be shown at the prestigious craft expo S.O.F.A. (Sculptures Objects and Functional Art) in Chicago and New York. I was also invited to participate in an international exhibition of contemporary jewellery at the Royal Museum of Scotland called “Jewellery Moves”. In 2000, I moved to San Francisco where I had my first child. In 2002, I moved back to the UK to Liverpool and in 2004, moved to Wirral, I started to exhibit my work again and had my second child.

In 2003-2004, through the New Entrepreneur Scholarship Programme at John Moore’s University. I developed a business plan to set up in business as an artist, artist agent and organiser of workshops for other craftspeople.

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